Christmas Opening Times 2023
 13 Nov 2023
Christmas Opening Times 2023 at REVEAL Beauty & Wellness Tullamore. Click and Collect available...

Makeup Workshop Tuesday 8th August 23
 30 Jun 2023
Fun Makeup Workshops are back! All age groups welcome! Learn how to do your own makeup with...

Summer Skincare & Beauty - Tips for packing!
 27 Jun 2023
Packing for Your Beauty Adventure! Ready to jet off on a fabulous vacation? Don't let your...

Hydrafacial Omorovicza Booster is here!
 23 May 2023
Hydrafacial's skin booster treatments just get better and better with the latest booster drop...

Intermittent Fasting
 30 Jun 2022
As discussed with Will Faulkner : Midlands 103 Thursday 30th June 2022! Intermittent Fasting  ...

Hydrafacial PERK
 28 Jun 2022
Adding tailoring to your HYDRAFACIAL , introducing the new PERK Lip and Eye Treatments at REVEAL!

 16 Jun 2022
REVEAL is looking to hire a part-time Senior Beauty Therapist to support the Studio Manager...

Top nutrients to include on a KETO diet!
 01 Jun 2022
KETO plans are recommended short term to avoid slipping into deficiency. You may decide to...

What is Spring Fatigue ?
 02 Mar 2022
Spring Fatigue or Spring Lethargy ? How can it affect us ? ‘A state of fatigue, lowered...

Acupressure Mats - What are they and how do they benefit me?
 02 Mar 2022
Acupressure mats are designed to produce comparable results as acupressure massage. Acupressure...

Top Spa Wellness Retreat Breaks 2022
 02 Mar 2022
Its time to spread our wings this 2022! I am really enjoying the fresh conversations now restrictions...

Nutrition & Wellness Bookings Spring / Summer 2022
 11 Feb 2022
Join me and prepare for Spring / Summer! I mentor on foods, recipes, meal planning, lifestyle...

January 2022 - Free Online Wellness Classes
 07 Jan 2022
A short series of 3 FREE online classes discussing the most frequent requests and concerns...

Christmas Wellness Gift Guide 2021
 30 Nov 2021
A selection of my favourite wellness products to make the perfect wellness gift this Christmas....

Winter Warmer Beef Stew Nutritious Recipe
 10 Nov 2021
New recipe! This is perfect to come home to after a long day , a super winter warmer and contains...

Anosmia - Loss of taste and smell, Post COVID Syndrome
 25 Mar 2021
I have been researching Long Covid Symptoms this week and post recovery in terms of nutrition...

All about the mineral Magnesium!
 11 Mar 2021
Did you know ? Magnesium (Mg) is involved in over 320 enzymes pathways throughout the body!

How to overcome a weight loss plateau
 28 Feb 2021
Firstly, congratulate yourself on what you have achieved to date!

A low FODMAP diet can help manage your IBS
 19 Feb 2021
Loading up on certain foods everyday can cause symptoms such as bloating, gas and diarrhoea

New ESR Skin Roller!
 17 Feb 2021
The ESR Skin Roller is unique. It is the UK and Ireland’s FIRST all-in-one Skin Roller that...

Do you have a Vitamin B12 deficiency?
 15 Feb 2021
According to the HSE, a deficiency is more common in older people

What do we know about Vitamin D?
 03 Feb 2021
Irish medical experts advising to please take vitamin D

9 simple ways to stay on your healthy eating journey
 29 Jan 2021
Don't let a blip meal become a blip day

Introduce self-care into your day
 26 Dec 2020
10 things to help you relax and make self-care an everyday ritual

5 ways to stop craving unhealthy food
 19 Dec 2020
Finding it hard to stop your cravings? Try introducing these 5 things to your day.

A Beginner’s Guide to Mindful Eating - FREE Webinar
 15 Dec 2020
Learn how to get back on track post Christmas overindulgence

Sneak more veggies into your Christmas meals
 12 Dec 2020
Improve your energy and mood with gorgeous winter veg and fruit

Prevent blood sugar spikes at Christmas
 05 Dec 2020
Top tips for keeping your blood sugar levels balanced this Christmas

January 30 Day Nutrition & Wellness Challenge
 04 Dec 2020
Reset yourself for the New Year in 30 days with healthy food & happy living.

Migraines & Nutrition
 09 Sep 2020
Migraines often last longer and have more physical effects than a common headache. The great...

NEW * Weekly Weight Loss & Management Clinic
 24 Aug 2020
You are invited to my new weekly weight loss and management clinic at Reveal - Beauty & Wellness....

Forest Bathing and why its so good for you!
 17 Aug 2020
Shinrin-yoku, which literally means forest bathing, originated in Japan in the early 1980s...

Maskne - Top tips when wearing your masks!
 04 Aug 2020
'Maskne' - breakouts that come from wearing masks. Here are some of my top tips and recommended...

What are the causes of a bloated tummy ?
 29 Jul 2020
A bloated tummy can be uncomfortable! A feeling of being bloated normally occurs after meals...

Chia Fresca
 23 Jul 2020
 Chia Seeds come from the Salvia Hispanica plant grown in Mexico and South America. It is...

New Seated Express Facials !
 17 Jul 2020
A selection of express seated facials from the Irish Holos Skincare Range. These new seated...

Online Class 'Reset & Emerge'
 12 Jul 2020
Its been so good to be back open and to welcome back my clients! We have had a lot to catch...

Fudgy Gooey Brownie
 12 Jul 2020
This is a perfect recipe for a healthy nutritious, satisfying sweet hit. Featuring sweet potato...

Reside on the positive side
 14 Jun 2020
Taking more control of your thoughts...

Mindful Eating Class
 14 Jun 2020
Online Webinar

Virtual Coffee Morning
 14 Jun 2020
In aid of Offaly Domestic Violence Support Services

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