Christmas Wellness Gift Guide 2021

 30 Nov 2021

A selection of my favourite wellness products to make the perfect wellness gift this Christmas. Featuring top Irish brands some of which are stocked right here at REVEAL!

Christmas Wellness Gifts & Ideas 2021


  1. Send a Christmas Card

Irish Brand: Lainey K Co. Dublin

Lainey K Greeting Cards


2. Facial Roller by Holos Skincare 

Irish Brand: Holos Skincare

Treat & Roll Gift Set


3. Essential Oil Diffuser

Irish Brand: Dedanú Co. Roscommon



4. Silk Eye Mask & Pillowcase set

Irish Brand: The Silk Label Co. Donegal

The Silk Label


5. Weighted Eye Mask / Weighted Blanket

Irish Brand:  Co. Mayo


Irish Brand: Co. Waterford

Deep Sleep



6. Meditation Cushion 

Irish Brand: Mindful Menace

Mindful Menace


7. Happiness Diary

Irish Brand: Co. Cork

Pascale Lutz



8. Alcohol Zero

Irish Alcohol Free Bar & Online Store

Co. Dublin

The Virgin Mary Bar


9. Makis Munchies Graze Box

Irish Brand Claire McMorris , Co. Offaly

'No eggs, No flour , No butter'

(Local Orders , Click & Collect at Reveal )

Makis Munchies Graze Box


10. Healthy Deodorant (Magnesium Based & Essential Oil Spray)

Irish Brand: Indeora , Co. Dublin

Indeora Magnesium Deodorant


11. Soy Based Candles

Irish Brand : Lovato Candles , Co. Cork

Hand Poured / Soy Based / Essential Oils

Lovato Irish Candles


12. Organic Skincare

Irish Brand: Nunaia Skincare , Co. Tipperary


Irish Brand: Holos Skincare, Co. Wexford

Holos Skincare



13. Shakti Mat / Suki Mat


Acupressure Mat & Pillow Suki Mats

Acupressure Mat & Pillow Shakti Mat



14. Facial Ice Globes by Fraicheur 

Stocked At REVEAL

Facial Ice Globes