Reside on the positive side

 14 Jun 2020

Taking more control of your thoughts...

Reside on the positive side this week!

We naturally sway between positive and negative emotions , that’s just life and we need to experience all these feelings and emotions so we can get through the negative and appreciate the feelings of happiness and joy – there is no perfect balance !

But where do we reside, what are our dominant thoughts? Are they mainly negative / pessimistic or are they more positive / optimistic?

I like positivity, it makes me feel good , it gives me hope and I like the profound impact happiness and joy has on my life….. I do get down, I do have negative thoughts and emotions but I find ways to work through these feelings and emotions to tip me to a more positive side.

This can be:

  • taking an action
  • making a phone call
  • reading
  • switching off the news
  • taking a walk
  • spending some time alone
  • listening to a podcast
  • talking it out with family or friends
  • have the conversation you have been putting off – address a situation.
  • giving myself time to get my head around something
  • writing things down in a journal
  • appreciating what I have and been grateful for my life.

So this week my thought is to reside in the light, in the positive. Do more of what makes you happier and content.

Recognise the negative emotions. Work through challenges with calm and ease.

Have a great week , Catriona x