Online Class 'Reset & Emerge'

 12 Jul 2020

Its been so good to be back open and to welcome back my clients! We have had a lot to catch up on and my first question to everyone has been ‘How have you found your time and how have you been doing?’


It has opened so many interesting conversations some tinged with sadness, other stories of opportunity and good news and lots more in between.

This past week I sense more nervousness of what lies ahead now that we have our freedoms back – what will schools and childcare look like, the new work place and when can I travel again and the most discussed ‘Will there be a second wave of the virus’


When deciding what the next topics of my online nutrition & wellness classes would be, I could not decide on what would be the most appropriate and most needed right now.


So I would like to invite you this exclusive FREE online class where I would like to address some positive practices to guide you through the next couple of weeks and to take questions on Nutrition & Wellness to help me best create some new online class materials on the subjects that most matter to you.


Simply email your interest to and highlight a question or topic that is most pressing for you right now and I will include it on the evening in my discussion.


Tuesday 21st July 2020

Time: 7pm

Duration 1 hour