Introduce self-care into your day

 26 Dec 2020

10 things to help you relax and make self-care an everyday ritual

When you put your best foot forward, everybody wins

I wish to plant some ideas and give you some tips on making self-care an everyday ritual and understanding that when you commit to loving yourself first, you will then be able to give your best to your family, friends, work and those around you.

Below are 10 things you can introduce into your day at any stage that will help you relax and take a step back from all the busyness life can bring sometimes.

1) Where is your favourite space in the house?

Find a space where you like to sit and relax and make it your relaxation spot. Sometimes you need space to just breathe and take a minute. Everyone needs some time alone to reflect on a day, prepare for a day, check in with how you're feeling, to unwind and soothe a busy mind. Relax in your space regularly during the holidays and savour that time alone. Begin and allow yourself to sit and simply do nothing, listen to the noises around you and take some deep breathes.

Ideas on things to include in your favourite spot can be a throw/ blanket/ cushion/ favourite mug/ candle/ journal /diary/ favourite book/ favourite magazine or paper/ Christmas Décor/ comfy socks/ music. 

You may wish to read or write after a while, call a friend/ family or watch your favourite programme. Feel free to invite the rest of the house to join you at this point!

2) The 3 Minute Breathing Space

This is a mini meditation for the purpose of stepping out of automatic pilot and reconnecting with the present moment experience. This practice can be very useful when negative thought patterns arise and attempt to push you into a downward spiral of emotional reactivity. For 3 minutes try follow these steps:

  1. Be aware of your current thoughts, feelings and suggestions in this moment
  2. Gather and focus your attention on your breathing, keep bringing your awareness back to the present moment anytime you wander 
  3. Notice how you are physically feeling, sensations, facial expressions and how can you relax these for example massage your temples or take a foot bath to ease tired feet. 

3) Skincare Routine (morning and night)

Using your favourite cleansing cream or oil, massage onto dampened skin starting at the temples working to the eye area and corners, continue massaging to your cheeks, your chin and to your neck. Tension can be held in the jawline area so stay a few moments in this area, relaxing any tension. Check out my video doing a morning facial.

4) Daily Starter - Self Care Checklist

Make a list of self care ideas and pick one to do each day, here's some examples:

  • Eat a breakfast 
  • Make a weekly to do list (1-3 things to do each day)
  • Drink water through the day 
  • Make a goal list 
  • Take a walk
  • Do some stretches
  • Take an afternoon nap 
  • Call a friend/ meet for a coffee/ walk
  • Finish eating your last meal early 
  • Do something different
  • Go to bed early 

5) Look at your morning routine, how can you improve it? 

Morning time is a great way to assess your thoughts and feelings on the day ahead and visualising things working out. Commit to making mornings work better for you. If you find yourself in autopilot or rushing here are some tips: 

- Prepare your breakfast the night before. That may involve cooking/ putting your breakfast items out ready for the next morning/ having your travel mug cleaned the night before/ preparing your gym gear, work clothes, work bag etc. 

- If you find you are tired in the mornings, commit to going to bed 15- 30 minutes earlier to feel more energised and refreshed. 

- Likewise it may be beneficial to rise 15-30 minutes earlier in the mornings to carve out that time for yourself to do the exercise/ sit and enjoy your breakfast/ have some extra time and not be rushing. This will aid you to have a more calm, well intentioned day by getting out ahead.

- Is it possible for you to exercise/ meditate/ stretch in the morning times to prepare your mind and body for the day? 

6) Look at your night routine, how can you improve it? 

Hands up if you would like some extra sleep and to wake up feeling refreshed? Preparing for sleep is equally important as your morning routine .My most important tips are: 

- Look at your average time you go to bed and ask yourself what it would take to get into bed 15-30 minutes earlier? 

- About 1 hour before bed power down laptops/ devices and dim the lighting. This prepares the brain for sleep. 

- Develop a short skincare ritual to cleanse and massage the skin before bed. Massaging the facial muscles will help you relax and release tension.

- If you like to journal jot down a to-do list of no more than 3 things to achieve the next day. 

- End the day on a good note, make a mental note of that day gone by and what went well.

- Have a look around your bedroom, ideally TV and device free, and start to unwind by dimming the lights, you may like a diffuser with your favourite essential oil/ candle/ soft music/ comfy nightwear/ soft sheets and NO CLUTTER! The more space and tidy your bedroom is the easier it is to relax! 

7) Fill your home with soothing scents 

Scented candles and diffusers are amazing to soothe a frazzled mind! Essential oils like lavender and chamomile are great for bedtime. Treat yourself to some of our favourite scents from an Irish company, based in Cork, Lovato Candles!

8) Decorate your favourite space with an indoor plant or fresh flowers 

Indoor plants and succulents create happy, calm vibes, produce oxygen and eliminate toxins from the area. They are calming to look at and they create a relaxed atmosphere that would be a great addition to your favourite space! 

9) Do a ‘Brain Dump’

I love a good 'brain dump'! .....What is it?

Basically, unpacking the days brain on paper that can include your thoughts, to-do's, questions, opinions, ideas and personally I throw in a few doodles for good measure :) You may not need this every day but can be hugely beneficial on busy ones to clear your mind! This is a really good exercise to do at night time and excellent practice if you are on the creative side!

10) Get your glam on! 

No explanation required! We all know the power that a soak, makeup and glamming up has on our soul, we can take on the world! So do it, take some selfies and even pop it in a frame and remember to love yourself, let go and have fun - your mind and body will thank you! Check out our Christmas Beauty Boxes if you'd like some goodies to treat yourself before you get glammed up :)