9 simple ways to stay on your healthy eating journey

 29 Jan 2021

Don't let a blip meal become a blip day

One of my mantras when working with clients is teaching them how to prevent a blip meal becoming a blip day and inevitably, them learning how to stay on their healthy eating journey.

Many of us experience post food guilt having made associations with certain foods and labeling them as good or bad in the past. Mindful eating works to help you make the best possible food choices and overcoming the guilt when sometimes you choose a poor meal THEN the day becomes a blip day!

Here's my tips to introduce into your day if you can feel yourself going off course (and having a blip)

  1. Prep your next meal such as prepping your breakfast for the next day after a weekend, like a smoothie to revive the digestive system. Prepping your meal signals to yourself you are taking back control!
  2. Notice what you're triggered by, this could be anger, happiness, a FRIDAY feeling or it could be a week of poor sleep and stress catching up on you. Be prepared and have a plan like a fakeaway substitute Be prepared for your triggers and sabotages, be strong and have less of the food, have a plan such as a fake-away substitute or a goal in your mind to keep you going!
  3. Exercise - a 30 minute walk can get the feel good vibes going and you're telling yourself you can do this!
  4. Check in on your sleep pattern, are you eating late and are you getting enough quality sleep? This can interfere with your food choices, leading to cravings and weakening your resolve!
  5. WATER WATER WATER, staying hydrated especially post alcohol and sugar can help reduce the bloated feeling. Add some lemon for extra detoxing
  6. Plan your meals - 3 balanced meals and 1-2 balanced snacks (if needed) to keep blood sugar levels balanced, and reducing cravings. Avoid skipping meals. Commonly, I find most people can skip breakfast and perhaps eat lunch on the go, getting home to eat dinner and then experience night time snacking where the munchies catch up on you. Spreading your calories over the course of the day leads to balanced food hormones, balanced blood sugar and keeps you feeling satisfied.
  7. Are your meals balanced? Fill up on veggies, food quality protein and slow release whole grain carbohydrates. Avoid eating food groups like bread/ crackers on their own as carbohydrates will release energy quickly followed by a slump. If this is a regular action it can lead to blood sugar imbalance and constant cravings for poor food choices.
  8. Deficiency - Zinc, calcium, iron and magnesium are common minerals that can cause us to eat more, triggering munchies. Improving your meals and bringing more balance into them by choosing more whole natural foods can lessen the intensity of cravings over time. My top one is swap the bar or biscuits for 2 squares of 70% plus dark chocolate, cacao works to give you a magnesium and zinc hit if needed for metabolism and regulation of glucose and insulin in the body.
  9. Supplements - For some a short time, supplements can help to reduce cravings. When taking any supplement it's important to consult with your GP if on existing medication and / or seek the help of a qualified nutrition professional.