Holos Facials

Holos Skincare is luxurious Irish plant-based skincare brand that creates healthy vibrant skin and helps you feel good. The plant based botanicals and actives contain Vitamins, Anti-Oxidants and Essential Fatty Acids to keep skin fresh and youthful, naturally.


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Book The 'Holos Loves You' Bespoke Facial

This facial treatment is  tailored to the clients individual needs. It takes products from across the Holos Skincare range and blends them in a way that works with the clients specific requirements.

The therapist will deliver the facial treatment to work with the various different skin types and issues. Depending on the skin type, some stages of a traditional facial may be left out. This is to facilitate the skins own natural ability to take care of itself.

Holos is a holistic product that works with the differences the skin displays and does not have a “One size fits all” approach. No facial will ever be the same as every person is unique and deserves to be treated so.


Book the Holos Booster Facial

This Holos Booster facial treatment can be performed seated or lying down.  It features the 5 step 'Love Your Skin' Skincare ritual promoted by Holos. These are the key products designed to work in harmony to cleanse , tone and deeply moisturise the skin in the perfect amount of time.