Summer Skincare & Beauty - Tips for packing!

 27 Jun 2023

Packing for Your Beauty Adventure! Ready to jet off on a fabulous vacation? Don't let your skincare and makeup routine suffer while you travel. Here are some top tips for packing your beauty essentials like a pro:



1️ Keep It Mini: Opt for travel-sized products or invest in reusable travel containers to downsize your beloved skincare and makeup items. This way, you can save space and breeze through airport security.


2️ Double Duty Delights: Look for products that are multi purpose. A tinted moisturizer with SPF can act as your foundation and sun protection, while a lip and cheek stain adds a pop of color on the go. Check out Holos Good Morning Body Wash – I use it for a shampoo , face and body wash !


3️ Seal It Securely: To avoid messy spills, transfer liquids into leak-proof containers and seal them tightly. Place them in a separate zip lock bag to be extra safe.


4️ Less is More: Be selective with your makeup. Choose 1 palette that is small (blush / bronzer / highlighter / eyeshadow) featuring versatile shades.


5️ Skincare SOS: Don't forget the basics! Carry a gentle milk cleanser, hydrating moisturizer, and a trusty sunscreen to keep your skin happy and protected wherever you wander. Check out NUNAIA's travel kit its multi purpose and no spills! 


6️ Brushes and Tools: Protect your brushes by packing them in a brush roll or a clean, sturdy case. Consider dual-ended brushes or multi-purpose tools to minimize the number of items you bring.


Now you're all set to travel in style while keeping your skin glowing and your makeup on point. Bon voyage, beauties! Scroll below for my checklist !





  • Palettes
  • Powder foundation / Tinted Moisturiser
  • Brush Case



  • Hat
  • Large Sunglasses
  • Solid Perfume / Deodorant
  • Contact Lens Case / Tablet Box



  • Hydrate!
  • Beard Oil
  • Use correct SPF and apply it regularly
  • Use aftersun (Vitamin E / Aloe Vera)
  • Avoid harsh washes and scrubs
  • Daily Moisturiser with SPF
  • Hat / Sunglasses for outdoors


Try unisex skincare products to save on double packing!