January 30 Day Nutrition & Wellness Challenge

 04 Dec 2020

Reset yourself for the New Year in 30 days with healthy food & happy living.

A little bit about me and my coaching:

As a qualified Nutrition & Wellness Coach, I'm devoted to educating and empowering others to achieve their Nutrition & Wellness goals, maintaining them for the long term and living their best life. As a clinician, I will fulfill my services in total confidentiality. I will always offer honest, impartial feedback.

Let me show you how to lead a month of clean eating and wellness needs with 1-on-1 private nutrition coaching and personalised advice.

January 30 Day Nutrition & Wellness Challenge

If you want to embrace 2021, join my January challenge to help lose weight in a mindful way. With my weekly 1-on-1 guidance, the program will help you make a change in your overall eating habits, without having to count calories. It will also help you with:

  1. Accountability, guidance and direction
  2. Weekly 1-on-1 private consultations to stay on track with recipes, wellness and focus ideas.
  3. More energy, improved mood and better sleep.
  4. Better skin, hair and nails.
  5. Eat more mindfully; understand portions, reduce cravings and undo some unhealthy habits.
  6. More nutritious whole foods instead of processed foods.
  7. Tools and knowledge to sustain weight loss, healthy eating and mindful living.
  8. Learn how to plan a day of healthy meals.
  9. Understand what your body is telling you in terms of nutrient requirements.
  10. Understand about your blood sugar and the importance in keeping levels balanced.

Program Includes:

  1. Weekly 1-on-1 private consultations (20-30 minutes each, 4 in total) either in person or through video call (COVID restrictions dependent).
  2. Personalised advice to meet your nutrition and wellness needs.
  3. Weekly meal plan and shopping list. See gallery images of sample meals below.
  4. Access to a Whatsapp group for my daily updates, tips and motivation.
  5. Access to recipe eBook post-challenge
  6. Group webinar with all participants discussing learnings and sharing advice



  • Cost: €80
  • Starts: Monday 4 January (Introduction on Sunday 3 January)
  • Finishes: Monday 3 February 


Next Steps

  1. If you want to join my challenge, simply sign-up here as spaces are limited. Please see eligibility note below before signing up.  
  2. When you booked your place, I will call you to arrange for you to complete your pre-consultation form.
  3. Your Welcome Pack will be emailed to you so you can begin preparing and we'll take it from there.

(The deadline has now passed to sign up as the Challenge commenced on 4th January)


Testimonials - Nutrition Coaching Clients

" I joined Catriona’s September 30 Day Nutrition & Wellness Challenge wanting to ‘get back on track’ as it were and continued on until the end of October – so I did approximately 8 weeks in total. The COVID19 lockdown had certainly deposited more than a stone on my midriff and I was feeling very bloated and unhealthy. Catriona offered 1-to-1 consultations, online support and general pep-talks throughout the 8 weeks, demonstrating and posting recipes as we went along. I wanted a slow, steady approach to the weight loss (knowing that, for me, it’s the best way to lose it and keep it off) and Catriona expertly managed my reluctance to try new foods (Apple Cider Vinegar, Wheatgrass shots and so on) in a subtle, yet effective way. The accountability of the weekly weigh – in coupled with the detailed analysis of the Food Diary - caused me to re-focus on what I was actually putting in my mouth on a daily basis. It’s not rocket science….but it often feels like it is!"

"So, now (mid-November) I am a stone lighter than I was and I am continuing to make better choices around food and eat more healthily. Don’t get me wrong….I am human and have eaten crap too….the fact remains, however, that I am putting more of the good stuff in my mouth (and much less of it than I would have before) and more of the good. The small changes Catriona encourages you to make are the important ones…no grandiose gestures for fast weight loss etcetera….just small, everyday, manageable changes - which, over time – contribute to better health and wellbeing. Thanks Catriona!"


"Catriona’s plan was just what I needed. Her promotional email came at a perfect time for me. After completing the four weeks I now feel comfortable in myself I lost the bloating feeling in week one which in itself is a great feeling. Not only did I lose a few pounds but I also learned so much along the way because of this my family and I are eating a lot healthier and I have the tools to keep on the weight loss journey."


"Catriona not only has a wealth of knowledge in food and nutrition but delivers it in such a way that it’s easy to understand and implement. She made me aware of my food choices and what I could improve on."



If you are under 18 years of age or pregnant, I'm afraid this 30 day program is not suitable to meet your specific nutritional needs. I do however offer other nutrition and wellness coaching that could help with your goals. Please click here for additional services.