Lash Lift Treatment

The Lash Lift is a wonderful treatment with low maintenance required. It works with your own eyelashes, lifting and lengthening them, finishing with a colour to give you beautiful definition around the eyes.

Patch test required for all lash treatments at least 24 hours in advance of treatment. 

Lash Lash Lift Clients must be 18 or over. 

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Yumi Lashes – The Lash Extension Alternative

  • YUMI Lashes are the best alternative to eyelash extensions if you have thick, strong and healthy lashes that lengthen easily with a good mascara.
  • Based on the old school lash semi-perming techniques, YUMI Lashes is a modern eyelash treatment designed to accentuate the eyes lifting them to give a longer more fuller appearance.
  • Using a silicon shield rather than a rod and a new gel formulation, YUMI Lashes straighten rather than curl eyelashes to give a fabulous wide-eyed look that is completely natural.

Benefits of the YUMI Lash Lifting Treatment 

  • YUMI Lashes are a treatment working with the clients natural lash. No false lashes are needed
  • YUMI Lash treatment takes only 45 minutes and lasts between 6-8 weeks following the correct aftercare as advised by your Lash Technician
  • YUMI Lashes create a stunning effect, opening the eyes, giving them a younger and brighter look
  • YUMI Lashes use a new gel formulation and a silicon shield is used to lift the lashes from the root