5 ways to stop craving unhealthy food

 19 Dec 2020

Finding it hard to stop your cravings? Try introducing these 5 things to your day.

‘Junk food you’ve craved for an hour OR the shape you’ve craved for a lifetime....you decide’

We all know that feeling: a sudden, strong desire to throw our coats on and drive to the nearest shop because we need, CRAVE, that one chocolate bar. To help stop your body experiencing these cravings I've compiled 5 things for you to incorporate into your day.

1) Healthy breakfast

Having a healthy breakfast keeps your sugar levels balanced and minimises the intensity of cravings later in the day. Omelettes and buckwheat pancakes are great examples that will help you minimise those cravings throughout the day. If you want more breakfast ideas, look through my recipes here.

2) Apple cider vinegar tonic

My apple cider vinegar tonic will help stabilise blood sugar levels, lowering them and minimise cravings later in the day. It is a blood sugar balancer and I recommend this daily to all my clients. It is especially useful after a day of sugary foods and drinks.

To make the tonic you simply add 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to a mug of warm water with a slice of lemon and sip in the morning soon after you wake up.

3) Portion control

Using specific plates, bowls and glasses to serve your meals will help keep your favourite foods in a portion and reduce the temptation to have more. Sticking with a portion size will leave you satisfied, not overfull, allowing yourself to still have the food you want without the guilt.

  • - Use a smaller plate for your dinner
  • - Use a bowl for wet meals such as leftover turkey curry 
  • - Use individual glasses or dishes to serve dessert 

I've created some gorgeous desserts and snacks recipes that are portion controlled so you don't have to worry about serving too much; dessert jelly in a glass that makes 6, energy protein balls that make 9 and a hot chocolate that is 1 serving.

4) Exercise

Fit in a brisk walk minimum of 20 minutes to get the heart pumping and the energy flowing, do this early to make the most of daylight and leave your evening to enjoy the warm fire!

5) Alcohol

You can still enjoy your festive drinks but the trick is to avoid/ drink less alcohol beverages that contain a lot of sugar.

  • - Drink small glasses of water during the day to rehydrate and also between alcoholic drinks, this will minimise the after effects, like cravings, the following day and will help you stay on track! 
  • - Have a wine spritzer, stick to clearer drinks if possible and keep liquors/ Irish coffees to a minimum. These tend to contain extra sugars and calories that you don't need!

You could also go for an alcohol-free mocktail? I've had great fun making these, trying to get the ingredients just right and I can guarantee you that they taste delicious. Have a look here.



***Mindful eating during the Christmas festivities***

If you want to be 'good' during the festive period, check out a 'do' and 'don't' guide I've created over on this page. I swear it's not all bad :)