New Seated Express Facials !

 17 Jul 2020

A selection of express seated facials from the Irish Holos Skincare Range. These new seated facials feature quality plant botanical and active ingredients to work on skin concerns in quick time leaving you feeling refreshed and looking refreshed.


A selection of Holos Skincare retail products are available to purchase online or at the studio to continue your skincare routine and experience at home. 

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The selection of express seated facials include: 

  • Love Your Skin “ Age prevention Facial” - Combination/dry/mature skin prone to redness/inflammation/Rosacea and pigmentation.
  • Good Morning “Rejuvenation Facial” - Congested/oily/acne prone/teenage skin
  • Blossoms “Femininity Facial” - Deep cleansing and hydration
  • This is More “Activity Facial” - Sensitive/Eczema/Psoriasis, very dry/dehydrated/mature skin
  • “Super Natural Activity” Facial - Age prevention / pH balance / Dry / Dehydrated / Mature skin

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