Billion Dollar Brows

Billion Dollar Brows is a Brow Shaping Treatment & Regrowth System from Beverly Hills. Billion Dollar Brows features precision eyebrow waxing and brow mapping as its main features are to realign brows.



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All patch tests must be pre-booked

A patch test is required for all first time clients (or who's last appointment at Reveal is more than 12 months ago) 

A patch test is required at least 24 hours in advance for 

- Brow waxing 

- Brow Tinting


Suitable For: All ages, eyebrows that won’t grow, gaps in brows, overtweezed brows, over waxed brows

Includes:  Brow Tinting/ Eyebrow Mapping / Precision Brow Waxing / Tweezing / Trimming /Filling in using Temporary Brow Powder / Gel / Pencil of your choice, Concealing & Highlighting)

The Billion Dollar Brow Method works to shape and grow out a clients brows. Each clients brows are mapped out to their face and eye shape to create and design a brow that is unique to them and also that suits the shape and frame of their face. 

A client may need to return for maintenance of their brows and allow areas to fill out as advised by their brow technician. In some cases where hair has stopped growing or there are permanent gaps the Embrowdery / Brow Pigmentation treatment may be an alternative more semi-permanent option.