Reveal's Signature Brows

Over the year's the team at Reveal have trained in a variety of high definition brow treatments. Through client experience we have tailored our brow services to include the very best precision eyebrow waxing, threading , colouring and shaping to design and realign our client's brows!



Book Your Patch Test

Book The Reveal Precision Brow Look 


All patch tests must be pre-booked

A patch test is required for all first time clients (or who's last appointment at Reveal is more than 12 months ago) 

A patch test is required at least 24 hours in advance for 

- Brow waxing 

- Brow Tinting


Suitable For: All ages, eyebrows that won’t grow, gaps in brows, overtweezed brows, over waxed brows

Includes:  Brow Tinting/ Eyebrow Mapping / Brow Exfoliation /  Precision Brow Waxing / Tweezing / Trimming /Filling in using Temporary Brow Powder / Gel / Pencil of your choice, Concealing & Highlighting)

Our Signature Brow Shaping Method works to shape and relign each clients brows. Each clients brows are mapped out to their face and eye shape to create and design a brow that is unique to them and also that suits the shape and frame of their face. 

A client may need to return for maintenance of their brows and allow areas to fill out as advised by their brow technician.