January 2022 - Free Online Wellness Classes
 07 Jan 2022
A short series of 3 FREE online classes discussing the most frequent requests and concerns...

Christmas Wellness Gift Guide 2021
 30 Nov 2021
A selection of my favourite wellness products to make the perfect wellness gift this Christmas....

Winter Warmer Beef Stew Nutritious Recipe
 10 Nov 2021
New recipe! This is perfect to come home to after a long day , a super winter warmer and contains...

Anosmia - Loss of taste and smell, Post COVID Syndrome
 25 Mar 2021
I have been researching Long Covid Symptoms this week and post recovery in terms of nutrition...

All about the mineral Magnesium!
 11 Mar 2021
Did you know ? Magnesium (Mg) is involved in over 320 enzymes pathways throughout the body!

How to overcome a weight loss plateau
 28 Feb 2021
Firstly, congratulate yourself on what you have achieved to date!

A low FODMAP diet can help manage your IBS
 19 Feb 2021
Loading up on certain foods everyday can cause symptoms such as bloating, gas and diarrhoea

New ESR Skin Roller!
 17 Feb 2021
The ESR Skin Roller is unique. It is the UK and Ireland’s FIRST all-in-one Skin Roller that...

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