30 Day RESET Nutrition Challenge

Achieve your Nutrition Goals

A little bit about me and my coaching:

As a qualified Nutrition & Wellness Coach, I'm devoted to educating and empowering others to achieve their nutrition and wellness goals by helping them to bring their health and wellbeing into a realistic and sustainable balance as well as instilling confidence in moving outside their comfort zone.

If you’re looking to make some nutrition, health and wellbeing changes, I have a great program to help you get started!  My '30 Day Reset' Nutrition Challenge is a great way to make your health and wellness a priority!

Start your journey of meeting your nutrition goals such as improving your sleep, reduce bloating and improving your overall relationship with food. 




What is the Challenge and who is it for?

My '30 Day Reset' Challenge is for YOU! If you want to get back into a healthy eating routine and need weekly accountability, nutrition and wellbeing guidance that will help you stay on track, while not having to start a strict diet and exercise plan. 

By taking a break from certain foods or substances, we can become more aware of how our bodies respond, learn how to best fuel our bodies and recognise what makes us feel good from within.

My weekly guidance video-calls or in person at my beautiful studio (COVID Guidelines Apply) are a really strong aspect of the '30 Day Reset' Challenge as it gives you a safe-space to discuss queries, concerns and also celebrate wins.

Signs you could use a reset include: sluggishness, low energy, irritability, sudden weight gain, bloating or congestion. Unfortunately, many people accept these symptoms as ‘normal’ or ‘just the way the body is’.  When in fact, these symptoms are actually ways your body is communicating with you and showing you the signs of imbalances within.

When will the '30 Day Reset' Challenge start?

There is no deadline for signing up to the '30 Day Reset' Challenge, I start working with you when you're ready to sign up. Simply click on the sign-up button and select the date for your initial consultation with me, taking your first step to starting your healthy eating journey.

The Program costs €100, which is less than the average family weekly grocery shop, and includes weekly coaching sessions, personalised meal plans and access to a members group on Facebook specifically for daily food and wellness tips and inspiration from me.


Right now you might be experiencing:

  1. Poor sleep
  2. Bloated feeling
  3. Fatigue
  4. Stress and anxiety
  5. Low motivation
  6. Perimenopause / Menopause symptoms
  7. High blood sugar levels
  8. Unhealthy eating habits; cravings and eating too much junk food
  9. A goal to lose weight
  10. A goal to have a healthier eating routine to improve your diet and lifestyle and possibly your familys too
  11. A goal to make better food choices


With my help, by the end of the '30 Day Reset' Challenge you will be/ have:

  1. Improved your overall mindset on healthy eating; preparing your meals, breaking unhealthy habits and preventing a blip meal becoming a blip day 
  2. Eating more mindfully; understand portions, reduce cravings and understanding your triggers
  3. Eating more nutritious whole foods instead of processed foods.
  4. Learned how to plan a day of healthy meals
  5. Reduced that bloated feeling
  6. More energy, improved mood and better sleep.
  7. Better skin, hair and nails.
  8. Knowledge of your blood sugar and the importance in keeping levels balanced.
  9. Knowledge to sustain weight loss, healthy eating and mindful living.



Program Includes:

  • Weekly 1-on-1 private consultations (45 minutes each, 5 in total) through video call or face to face (COVID Guidelines Apply)
  • Personalised advice to meet your nutrition and wellness needs.
  • Daily challenges including recipes, meal planning, exercise , water, wellbeing and more. 
  • Access to a private Facebook Group for my daily updates, tips and motivation.
  • Access to FREE recipe catalog and post challenge guidance. 
  • Access to group webinars and masterclasses 





Testimonials - Nutrition Clients

"After completing the four weeks I now feel comfortable in myself I lost the bloating feeling in week one which in itself is a great feeling.” 

“Not only did I lose a few pounds but I also learned so much along the way because of this my family and I are eating a lot healthier and I have the tools to keep on the weight loss journey."

"The accountability of the weekly weigh – in coupled with the detailed analysis of the Food Diary - caused me to re-focus on what I was actually putting in my mouth on a daily basis. It’s not rocket science….but it often feels like it is!"

"I am a stone lighter than I was and I am continuing to make better choices around food and eat more healthily. The small changes Catriona encourages you to make are the important ones…no grandiose gestures for fast weight loss etcetera….just small, everyday, manageable changes - which, over time – contribute to better health and wellbeing. Thanks Catriona!"

"Catriona not only has a wealth of knowledge in food and nutrition but delivers it in such a way that it’s easy to understand and implement. She made me aware of my food choices and what I could improve on."


If you are under 18 years of age or pregnant, I'm afraid this 30 day program is not suitable to meet your specific nutritional needs. I do however offer other nutrition and wellness coaching that could help with your goals. Please click here for additional services



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