These are my personal favourite a little bit of what you fancy in a portioned glass! Pretty and a crowd pleaser!

Makes 6

105kcals per glass

Prepare the day before and assemble the following day!

So handy to have in the fridge for a sweet, healthy hit!



• 1-pint sugar free jelly (1 used two sachets)

• Cooking apples 3

• Frozen berries

• Custard 1/2 pint

• Cadburys flake snack size x 1 bar


• Make the jelly.

• Divide between 6 glasses and refrigerate overnight


• Chop 3 cooking apples and stew in some water and 1 tsp cinnamon. Leave overnight to develop flavours and to release natural sugars and sweetness.


• Prepare the custard (I used birds’ eye and made 1/2 pint using 2 tbsp of custard powder, 1 tbsp sugar and milk) readymade alternatives also out there! Leave overnight


• Add 1-2 drops of vanilla essence to the stewed fruit if you would like more sweetness.

• Add some natural yogurt on top The next day divide the stewed apple between glasses.

Do the same with custard. Top with some crumbled Cadbury flake