Satisfy any hankering for something sweet! Layer up for a perfect portion in a glass of gooey, choc and light dessert!

Dessert In a Glass – Serves 2

331Kcals per glass



• Frozen berries

• 1 x Meringue Nest Crushed

• Natural Yogurt 150g pot (mix with 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1-2 drops of vanilla essence)

• Vanilla Ice Cream I scoop for top (optional)

• 2 squares Dark Choc 70% per person ( melted for extra gooiness)

• 1 fig chopped

• 1 Brazil nut chopped



• Berries on the bottom, followed by meringue nest, natural yogurt– repeat.

• Add 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

• Add melted dark chocolate, chopped nuts, and chopped figs on top.