‘Cows Eat It, Dopes Smoke It, But only the Enlightened Drink It’ Jason Vale


• A single 30ml shot is equal to 1kg vegetables

• Add 1 teaspoon of wheatgrass powder to 30ml of coconut water or fresh apple / orange juice.

• Knock back and a great tip is to have a ¼ wedge of and orange to bite on – the vitamin C content will work great to absorb and use the iron in wheatgrass for energy!



• Anti bacterial

• Anti inflammatory

• Anti Oxidant

• Detoxifier – chlorophyll pigment works to ‘mop’ up stored toxins and impurities. It also works to purify and cleanse the liver. Within a short period of time taking this you should notice increased energy levels and clearer skin.

• Digestion – the particular enzymes in wheatgrass alleviate bloating, gas, constipation, and help with after meal discomfort.

• As a nutrient dense superfood it helps alleviate cravings

• Balances blood sugar levels

• Aid cognitive brain function

• Research on the ability of wheatgrass to boost red blood cell count and lower blood pressure