CACAO allows you to get all the benefits of chocolate, but without the refined sugar or saturated fat. It is the purest form of chocolate and comes in many different forms: powder, paste, nibs (small chopped pieces) and butter.

CACAO is made from cacao beans, which are found in cacao pods on Theobroma Cacao trees (also known as cacao fruit trees) which are native to South America.

COCOA powder is made from the beans of the same trees but is heated to a high temperature when it is processed, making it not as nutritious as cacao powder which is raw and contains more of the whole bean.


Ingredients per mug

 • 2 tsp cacao powder

• Pinch cinnamon

• 1-2 drops of vanilla extract

• 100ml of oat / almond / hazelnut / coconut / cashew milk


• Pinch of cayenne pepper

• 1tsp of good quality honey



 Add all your ingredients into a sauce and heat gently. Use a whisk to ensure all is dissolved. SERVE • Serve in your favourite mug , dust with cinnamon and enjoy.



Polyphenols supports blood flow to the brain , reduces blood pressure, balances blood sugar and lowers cholesterol. Good source of magnesium , iron , protein, healthy fats all of which give a feeling or fullness or satisfaction.