Weekly Weight Loss & Management Clinic

You are invited to my new weekly WEIGHT LOSS & MANAGEMENT CLINIC at Reveal - Wellness & Beauty starting from next Tuesday 1st September 2020!!!

  • Weekly Weight Loss & Management Clinic
  • Starts from Tuesday 1st September 2020
  • Initial Four Week Commitment €40 (4 * weekly weigh ins) 
  • Pre consultation questions send via email / over phone
  • 15 minute personal weigh in and consultation at the studio
  • Follow up support by group video each week and access to our online group forum for Q & A, nutrition advice , recipe ideas
  • After the first four weeks you can purchase another bundle of 4 passes @ €40 or pay as you go €12 option


Complete Your Pre Consultation Form

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Who is it for?

  • If you wish to begin a plan of better nutrition, improved sleep, regular exercises and make healthy lifestyle changes.
  • If you want to break away from calorie counting ,weighing scales, fad diets, pills that promise to help you lose weight.
  • If you struggle with cravings
  • If you are a mindless eater
  • If you wish to reduce the chemicals in your foods and switch to more whole food sources
  • If you wish to gain the nutrition knowledge, recipes to prepare healthier meals.
  • If you wish to understand food labels – what are you eating?
  • If your overeating is triggered by stress or lack of sleep for example
  • If you wish to spend more ‘focused time’ on your nutrition and wellbeing
  • If you wish to shed excess weight in a sustainable way and FOR GOOD!!
  • If you like the support of a group based environment
  • If you are time short and an online class from the comfort of your own home suits you
  • If you struggle with blood sugar control
  • If you have allergies / intolerances



What is involved?

  • Understanding everyone is different! I will connect to fill out a short pre consult before your first weigh in and consultation to assess what your goals are
  • You can book in anytime at the studio for your weigh in and your online video and forum will act as your class for the rest of the week.
  • Commitment & sticking with it! A new nutrition and wellness plan is not without personal challenges, setbacks and of course achievements and victories no matter how small – ARE YOU ALL IN?!
  • Access to free recipes, wellness tools, resources
  • Entry to future Nutrition & Wellness Activities / Events  


How To Sign Up?

  • Book your first weigh in here! Book My Slot !
  • A pre consult form will be sent to you via email to complete
  • Food plans and weekly support will be given to you on your first class
  • Online forum contains recipes , nutrition advice, questions and answers as a group support
  • Online video each week with weekly focus and top tips for weight loss and management 


Please Note: 

If you are under 18 years of age this programme will not be designed for your specific nutritional needs , please see below for additional services


If you are pregnant this programme will not be suitable as you have specific nutritional needs, please see below for additional services  



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