5 Week Good Food Program (Meat & Dairy Free)

Interested in trying a full plant based program ? Whole foods plant based eating is more of a lifestyle. This program introduces my clients to a variety of whole natural foods incorporated into a tasty meal plan program. Filling, satisfying meals and recipes with no restrictions or deprivations , just good eating!



How Do I Sign Up? 

Cost €125

Click here to prepay and schedule your first appointment with me! 



What does the program include ?  

  • 5 consultations (1 welcome and 4 coaching - 40 minutes each)
  • Zoom or studio consultation options 
  • Goal setting 
  • Measurements


Plant Based Programs include the following food groups: 

  • Nuts , Seeds,  Whole grains, Fruits , Vegetables , Healthy fats , Plant Milks


Why choose plant based eating: 

Plant based eating can contribute to: 

  • Lowered and more stable blood sugar levels (Type 2 diabetes prevention)
  • Lowered blood pressure and improved heart health
  • Lowered cholesterol 
  • Shedding excess weight and weight management
  • Improved energy levels 
  • Improved gut health and reducing digestive discomfort of bloating / constipation / diarrhea / pain after eating
  • Experiencing better mood , clarity and focus 
  • Feeling satisfied with your meals and for longer through increased fibre intake and consuming more slow release / complex carbohydrates and a variety of foods. 


What should I expect after 5 weeks? 

  • Gain a whole new understanding on plant based eating, how to choose the correct foods and eat plant based meals in a balanced way.  
  • Eating more mindfully; understand portions, reduce cravings, understanding your triggers and what your body needs
  • Introduced new self-care habits into your daily routine such as enhancing your night time routine, creating time for you. 
  • Reducing cravings for sweet , salt , meat and processed foods
  • Learned how to plan a day of healthy plant based meals or introduce meatless meals during your week for a more flexible approach. 
  • Improve digestion, gut and bowel function
  • More energy, improved mood and better sleep.
  • Better skin, hair and nails.
  • Knowledge to sustain weight loss, healthy eating and mindful living.