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Billion Dollar Brows -Pencil

Billion Dollar Brows is a brand at Reveal since 2012! With wearable brow shades and a collection of useful effective products , Reveal cannot recommend enough!



Billion Dollar Brow Pencils are available in a variety of natural shades 


Triple Threat Triangular Pencil (Taupe & Blonde Shades) Use the tip for light strokes , the side angle to carve out your brow frame and flat base to shade in the centre of your brow! 


Micro Pencil (Taupe (best seller) / Blonde / Light Brown (red hair) / Raven (very dark / black hair) A fine micro tip use to create feather strokes at the start of the brow - great for mimicking fine eyebrow hairs that leaves a defined but natural result. 

Duo Highlighter & Concealer Pencil A personal favourite. Use the highlight side to lighten the inner corner of the eye and to give the illusion of a lifted arch. Use the concealer side to clean up any mistake from filling in and to give prominence to a great brow fill and shape! 




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