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Billion Dollar Brows -Serum & Gels

Billion Dollar Brows is a brand at Reveal since 2012! With wearable brow shades and a collection of useful effective products , Reveal cannot recommend enough!


BDB Brow Serum & Gels





BDB BROW BOOST - Primer & Conditioner

  • You need a strong base if you want to make your eyebrows pop!
  • A good primer will help make your brow makeup last longer and can help it stay in place better.
  • Use the BDB Brow Boost as a: Primer and Conditioner on its own, with a brow pencil, or even with a pomade.
  • Not only is the BDB Brow Boost a primer, but it’s also a conditioner!
  • The formula is infused with vitamins to treat your brows and make them healthier.
  • It’s free from parabens and will help you keep your brows in great shape, even with regular makeup use.
  • This brow conditioner is tinted pink to blend and work with all skin and brow colors, so you won’t have to worry about trying to match the shade to your hair.


BDB - Clear Brow Gel 

  • Hairspray for the eyebrows 
  • The final touch to your brow look! 
  • Helps your brows stay in place
  • Use the spoolie to apply alone to brow hair or on top of brow makeup to hold in place.  
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