Online Nutrition & Wellness Coaching (6 Sessions)

Online Nutrition & Wellness Coaching (6 Sessions)

Online Nutrition & Wellness Coaching (6 Sessions)

Price:   €396 inc. VAT



Perfect For: 

6 sessions are perfect for anyone who needs mentoring in how to begin to change: 

- food habits 

- sleep habits

- lifestyle habits 

- dealing with emotions

- dealing with stress 

- In some cases you may have received a medical diagnosis and wish to adapt a better lifestyle for long term health benefits. 

- If you are recovering from illness and you wish to create a better lifestyle to strengthen and get stronger. 


This course of personal sessions can be completed in a face to face setting at the studio / online or a blend of both. 




Topics can Include but not limited to:  

Mindful Eating / Intuitive Eating freeing you from 'counting' and focusing on your own intuition and what your body needs. 

Weight Management

Blood Sugar Control

Nutrition to boost your immunity 

Nutrition to aid illness recovery

Nutrition to improve your skin, hair and nails.

Recognising allergies and intolerances and building a nutrition plan. 

Nutrition for optimal energy tackling stress, burnout and chronic mental fatigue

Sleep and developing better sleep practices

How to reset and adapt your daily eating routine and prepare for a new one

Positive thought practices and exercises helping to understand emotions and ‘triggers’

How to incorporate these nutrition & wellness plans into your life e.g. working from home, living alone, catering for all the family, work travel & office life