Nutrition & Wellness Coaching (Save €50)

Nutrition & Wellness Coaching (Save €50)

Nutrition & Wellness Coaching (Save €50)

Price:   €190 inc. VAT



4.5 hours (can be divided into sessions of 45 mins / 90mins each in duration and spaced out as per clients needs and requests)

(online or in studio) COVID restrictions may apply


Perfect For:  Bundle sessions are great for anyone who feels they may be 'stuck in a rut'.

If you are aware you need to make adjustments to your nutrition, stress , sleep and movement routines then 3 sessions spread out over a time period set by you , can assist you in breaking any old stagnant habits and begin the process of building a fresh new routine and plan for optimal health! 



Topics can Include but not limited to:  

  • Mindful Eating / Intuitive Eating freeing you from 'counting' and focusing on your own intuition and what your body needs. 
  • Weight Management
  • Blood Sugar Control
  • Nutrition to boost your immunity 
  • Nutrition to aid illness recovery
  • Nutrition to improve your skin, hair and nails.
  • Recognising allergies and intolerances and building a nutrition plan. 
  • Nutrition for optimal energy tackling stress, burnout and chronic mental fatigue
  • Sleep and developing better sleep practices
  • How to reset and adapt your daily eating routine and prepare for a new one
  • Positive thought practices and exercises helping to understand emotions and ‘triggers’
  • How to incorporate these nutrition & wellness plans into your life e.g. working from home, living alone, catering for all the family, work travel & office life