Fraîcheur Ice Globes Massager - Blue

Fraîcheur Ice Globes Massager - Blue

Fraîcheur Ice Globes Massager - Blue

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Facial ice globes have been widely adopted by beauty therapists and prestigious lifestyle influencers all across the globe.

This ritual is amazing and I invite you to embrace as often as possible – ideally every morning and every night (if needed) – for astounding results.

-Reduce swelling, puffiness
-Minimize pores and a smoother complexion
-Give radiant, glowing skin
-Calm the skin, ease the mind
-Soothe the skin after intensive facial procedures
-Improve chronic skin conditions

-Place the ice globes in the freezer for as little as 30 minutes or, if you have the time, overnight.
-Remove all make-up and gently cleanse your face.
-Go lightly on exfoliants if needed. Exfoliate your facial skin only once a week.
-Apply a small amount of oil or serum to your face or even a face mask (optional).
-Start rolling the ice globes over your brows, from the inner brow to the temples. - -Work upwards from the middle of the brow to the hairline and finish at the temples and perform circular, slow motions.

- To keep your ice globes gorgeous and safe to use, damp a soft cloth with an antibacterial solution and clean them gently.
- You also can use antibacterial wipes or professional cleaning products.
Clean the stems after each use, prior to storing them in the freezer.