deDANU - "Jade Gua Sha" Facial Massage Stone

deDANU - "Jade Gua Sha" Facial Massage Stone

deDANU - "Jade Gua Sha" Facial Massage Stone

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The deDANU Jade Gua Sha Massage tool was born from a treatment traditionally used in East Asian and Chinese medicine. Some might be familiar with the Gua Sha massage, which treats muscle pain and tight muscles by applying pressure with the Gua Sha tool.

Recently, skincare lovers have discovered Gua Shas for battling fine lines, inflammation and tension. Each piece is hand carved from natural materials and is therefore entirely unique.

Tense Muscles: Use one of our salves to warm and prepare the muscle. Gently massage the muscle using the stone.
Stiff Neck: Too long in front of the computer? Try some of our peppermint CBD oils with some gentle massaging strokes using this tool.

Fun Facts! Jade has always been valued for its beauty, but also for its legendary meanings, spiritual attributes and healing powers too. Green Jade in particular is said to have calming properties, able to balance the nerves, alleviate shock and allow its wearer to restore natural heart rhythm in times of stress.

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