deDANU 15ml Renew+ Facial Oil

deDANU 15ml Renew+ Facial Oil

deDANU 15ml Renew+ Facial Oil

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The newest, most luxurious facial oil, deDANÚ Renew+ provides ultra anti-aging benefits with a suite of the most precious seed oils and plant extracts. An all-in-one, proprietary complex combines CBG, a powerful plant stem cell, with other all-star ingredients, providing your skin with balanced and powerful nourishment.

This super nutrient, deeply hydrating formula delivers radiance and renewal to all skin types. With powerful bioactives, plant stem-cells and 50+ natural, balancing nutrients Renew+ reveals healthy, radiant, glowing skin.

A golden, lightweight, faintly floral aromatic oil has a silk-like, velvety feel that sinks beautifully into the skin without leaving an oily finish. The incredible anti-inflammatory benefits experienced with our Renew+ Oil will leave your skin thanking you, even in 10 years time!

- 50+ pwerful anti-aging & balancing nutrients to renew and enhance glow
- Brightening plant bioactives and rare cannabinoids
- Contains a suite of natural acids (lactic, glycolic, tartaric, linolic, malic) providing a broader spectrum of compounds than skincare with a single, isolated acid. 
- Abundant in anti-aging nutrients including Squalene, Vitamin A, C, E, & beneficial minerals.
- Innovative plant stem cells Rich in Free-radical fighting antioxidants which neutralise reactions & encourage repair
- Balancing adaptogens
- Suitable for all skin
- Use morning or evening Use under SPF and/or make-up
- Use on its own
- Safe for use around sensitive eye area
- Effective for use on brows
- Blend with make-up for light, glowing coverage 100% natural ingredients
- Formulated without water, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, PEGs, or SLSs

Recommended for all skin types:  problematic skin dry skin discolouration uneven skin tone excessive production of sebum wrinkles blackheads

You will notice: diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles improved visible firmness smoother texture softened texture improved hydration increased glow