Holos 'Clean Queen' Gift Set

Holos 'Clean Queen' Gift Set

Holos 'Clean Queen' Gift Set

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How to use it:

Cleanse make-up and pollutants off with a few drops of Holos This is More Multi-use Plant Oil. Massage the oil onto your face, around the eyes and wipe with a warm damp facial towel.

For deeper cleanse massage two or three pumps of Good Morning Face Wash onto your face. Rinse with plenty of warm water or wipe with damp warm Facial Towel. The warm facial towel will soften your skin to absorb moisturizer better and faster.

To complete your daily routine apply Love Your Skin Floral Toner to restore the healthy pH of your skin (extremely important for oily skin) and your favourite moisturiser after. We recommend Love Your Skin Facial Oil.

Use daily if you wear full make-up every day or for deeper cleanse before applying an exfoliant or/and a mask.